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“We had a monster beehive in our attic and Tim and his bee rescue team helped relocate them to a more bee appropriate location. They were careful and efficient and did a great job.  Very reasonable pricing and excellent results. Thanks guys!!” – Leslie L. (Los Gatos, CA)

Bee Friendly was great!  Quick, knowledgeable, thorough, fair price.
He removed a yellow jacket nest and gave us back our yard.  Thank you! – Carolyn J (Oakland, Ca)

“We had a huge surprise a year ago when we discovered a few bees coming out of our fireplace. Lo and behold we had over 10,000 bees in huge comb in our chimney. We called Tim, and he and his partner came in right away and took them all away and left us a tray full of comb and honey. The honey was delicious for a comb that was sitting in our chimney… Highly recommend Tim, he knows what he is doing and is professional and easy to work with.” – Boo M. (San Jose, CA)

“Prompt, friendly and efficient service. Thanks much to Tim and Mike.”
Mickey and Pauline Neff (San Jose, CA)

“Need the job done the first time around? Call Tim and Patrick @Bee Friendly Honey Bee. They are prompt, fast, efficient, realiable, responsible, and knowledgeable. They get the job done in a friendly, orderly manner and it’s free!” –Yolanda C. (San Jose, CA)

“1. Called them around 5 PM the day before
2. 8 AM next day they arrived
3. 8:40 bee hive was gone.
4. Fair price, problem solved, I was back to my gardening by 11 am.
5. Professional services.”
Yira E. (San Francisco, CA)

“If I could have killed every bee in my yard I would have, but since killing bees is illegal I did the next best thing and called Tim at Bee Friendly. I’m not sure if he is a bee whisperer but he walked right into the swarm with a dust buster and didn’t get stung. He collected what must have been a thousand bees. I still hate bees but I’ll plus one Bee Friendly and the local honey they left me with.” – Stephen Godfrey (San Jose CA)

“We came home from a weekend trip to find every bee in San Jose living in our outdoor sink.  Bee Friendly came and took care of the problem that day, and knew enough to come back that night to finish the job properly.  They even hooked us up with some delicious locally harvested honey.  I hope you never have Bee issues, but if you do call Tim at Bee Friendly”. –Malcom W (San Jose CA)

“I just had a great experience with Bee Friendly in Danville, California. I called the Northern California phone number this morning, and the Yellow Jacket hive was removed a few hours later–on the same day!!No pesticides were used…the hive was dug out of the ground and taken away.” -Jim B (Danville, CA)

“I called Tim at Bee Friendly after I found his website when I had a bee swarm show up at my house, and I’m sure glad I did. Not only did Tim show up right after I called, but he and his team came by and safely relocated the swarm to a new hive so they can continue to pollinate flowers in the area and make tasty honey!The whole story started about 3 days ago when a huge swarm of thousands of bees started flying around my front yard just after lunch. This was maybe the second time I’ve seen such a thing and it freaked me out a little. After a few minutes they started forming a big ball-o-bees on a tree and looked like they decided to make their home  there. I did a Google & Yelp search and Bee Friendly came up. I called since they offer a free service to collect and relocate bee swarms. I talked to Tim, explained my situation, gave him my address and he showed up in less than an hour. He and another person broke out a shop-vac and a special bee collecting apparatus and proceeded to suck up the bees! Yeah, that’s right, they vacuumed them up!In less than an hour, they had collected the majority of the bees and estimated the count to be around 15,000 bees! All-in-all they did an awesome job and I highly recommend them.I highly recommend Bee Friendly!” – J.L. (San Jose CA)

“I recently bought an older fixer upper house in Los Gatos hills that was on the market for more than  four years. My wife and I saw Honey Bees when we moved in coming and going from the roof and figured we had a small problem as they were getting in the house.  We didn’t want to kill them or use poison. We found Bee Friendly and decided to give them a call for a consultation. The owner came by explained the pricing, their bee vacum methods, did an inspection, located the hive in the wall and scheduled to do the removal the next day. 2 Beekeepers showed up the next day and started removing the wall where the bees were. The bee hive turned out to be huge.  If you have a massive bee hive problem call these guys they seem to be the cheapest around.  Another bee keeper quoted me $150 per and hour to do the removal.  At that price it would have been close to $1500.They pulled almost 50 pounds of honey out of my wall and 15 pounds of bees.  Trust me I saw them in the vacum box.  The place was spotless when they left.  Thanks Mike, Shea, & Tim! “– Sean D (Los Gatos Ca)

“These guys are the lord of the bees.  We had a 6-7 lb. swarm show up in our fig tree in San Jose. An hour after I called Tim, he was here.  He vacuumed them  out of the tree.  He got 99% of them and no one was stung.  Super service and all the bees live to make more honey.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” – Luke A (San Jose CA)



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